Hey!! It's me, Megan Therese! Storyteller for madly-in-love and adventurous souls. So glad you decided to stop by. I'm based in New England, but have my passport in-hand and ready to go! I travel to New Hampshire many times throughout the year and hope to call it my permanent home one day. My favorite things are my hubby, dogs, laughing so hard I cry, watching a good sunset, exploring new places, and enjoying the simple things in life. 

I'll never forget the day that I picked up my first camera. I instantly knew that photography had stolen my heart, forever. What a feeling - when you know, you just know! It has since become my creative outlet to convey an entire story only using photographs. Poetry without the words. It's vital for me to be more than just your photographer, establishing a relationship with you along the way. Comfortability creates trust, and trust creates amazing photos that captures the authentic you.

I'm a huge sucker for movement in my photos! Whether it be the wind blowing through your hair, or you twirling around in your dress, it's all part of the magic that we can create together. I'll be right there, capturing those beautiful moments where you completely let go and embrace what's around you. Genuine moments that capture your true personalities. The kind of photos that everyone should have.

All relationships can use a chance to reconnect again, and that's the goal at every session and wedding that I shoot. BONUS: We will share a ton of laughs along the way. Yes, even the guys! Ladies, your dress may get a little dirty, but I promise it's going to be worth it. So, let down your hair and let's run through some fields, sing your favorite songs, give piggy back rides, pop some champagne, and dance like nobody is watching!! And, YES we can totally do all of that in just one session!


I look forward to hearing from you and swooning over all the details of your own unique love story. 


Love + Respect,


Megan Therese